Clarity, precision, performance

As a Trader, you want to easily understand an analysis to react quickly on the markets and optimize your profits

Emvestors, through its long-term expertise on financial markets advising large investors, has built a systematic framework to optimize performance

Methodology is based on Technical Analysis and the efficient combination of all its components.
Our macro and large asset coverage allows us to have a Top-down perspective of markets which will lead to define
"High Conviction Views".

Our deep knowledge of Technical tools is also essential to determine single configurations, called "Opportunities".

Analysis of key macro benchmarks (US stocks, core rates, G10 currencies, main commodities) to define a global outlook of the markets and avoid inconsistencies.


+4000 markets coverage to find the best technical configurations combining Graphical patterns (channels, Head&Shoulders, strong support/resistance lines), Candles, Mathematical indicators (Moving Averages, RSI, MACD, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands), and Elliott Wave counts.


Cross-check of these configurations with correlated assets to strengthen our opinion. For example, we will look at Gold, Oil and AUD currency before releasing an idea on CAD currency.


Entry, Stop & Target are defined through graphical & Fibonacci projections / retracement levels.


The report is published and available on your personal page. An email will be sent to warn you about the report's release.