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We believe that our credibility on the Institutional side since 2016 and the seriousness of our analysis and reports is enough for you to trust us from the beginning. Moreover, there is no commitment after you subscribe for the first time.

For obvious reasons, our institutional clients have signed with us non disclosure agreements. What you need to know is that we cover some of the biggest investment banks and some of the most profitable Hedge Funds in the world. Otherwise, we wouldn't pay 30k$/year for the Bloomberg Software.

During 80% of the year, there will be 1 common report released per week and 1 additional report for Premium & Gold Members, whatever markets conditions. We believe that with a +4000 assets coverage, we can extract enough relevant ideas a week. However, the remaining 20% will see a slower pace of publishing, anticipating holidays, IT maintenance, or "force majeure".

Unfortunately, financial markets are not predictable. Our entry/stop/target levels are given with the maximum precision possible but we can not ensure that they will be hit all the time. Ultimately, you are responsible for your trading and risk taking.